5th Gen Thoughts


5th gen has by far the most mixed feelings among older Pokemon players or ones who played other generation games.

What people hated most about 5th gen was:

  • Unoriginal designs .
  • No new innovations.
  • Games were boring.
  • Team Plasma wasn’t evil.
  • Vanillite line, Trubbish line. 
  • Lack of older gen Pokemon

For me what I thought Game Freak was doing was using 5th gen as an initial reset to introduce Pokemon too the 8-11 year olds of this time. That’s why I think they only allowed for the new Pokemon to  be used.  8-11 year olds also watch the Anime more frequently so they would be accustomed to the Pokemon designs and recognize them.  This Gen is were Game Freak really focused on getting new kids into Pokemon, so the older players got a new experience . For me I really liked 5th gen.

My 3 top Pokemon from 5th gen would be:

  • Scrafty 


  • Haxorus


  • Excadrill


Now that I think I feel like everybody like these Pokemon, but great minds think a like. For me most of the Pokemon designs were awesome, but I will admit some took lots of time to warm up or understand. Like Trubbish line and Vanillite line. I feel like every generation needs Muks and Electrodes to make Pokemon like Gyrados, and Dragonite shine even more. The one thing that does kinda make me mad is some Pokemon had horrific cries. THE WORST OF THE WORST IS STUNKFISK! It’s cry makes me cringe when I hear it! 

No matter how much time passes that’s not ok. It’s way worse then Kricketune’s weird cry. It makes me wish it was like the anime where Pokemon repeated their names…

One feature of the games I liked was the rotation battles which were really fun.


And the improvement on the graphics of the over world. Seasons were really interesting and I wish they did more with them. Autumn and Winter were so cool.


So for me I say Black and White were pretty successful at what they were trying to do, which was get new Pokemon players started on their long and wonderful journey. I see lots of new players playing White and Black, and I ask them do you know what a Dragonite is.  If they don’t I throw a Gameboy color with Pokemon Yellow in it at them, and take them away from home till they beat the game (Jk ). Game Freak also saw that older Pokemon players wanted their oldies back and brought them back in Black 2 and White 2. Riolu and Growlithe all before the 2nd gym hell yeah.

This kind off “restart” of Pokemon is probably why Ash can be so ignorant in the anime. he literally uses his Pokedex  on every Pokemon regardless of if he had did earlier seasons.  However the Anime did bring back Charizard which them forums go insane on his glorious return.


Maybe the X and Y anime will bring back Brock and give him like a horde of Nurse Joys that follow him around yeah never know! Please leave comment on what you think!


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