Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to my blog all about Pokemon. I am a 17 year old Pokemon fan! I competitively battle, and I have been pretty successful in OU and UU I also watch the anime which is always interesting.

-First Pokemon game I played was Blue version. I borrowed it from a friend who then wanted it back so I only made it to the 2nd gym, but it was fun! He was a hardcore Pokemon Fan he went thorough Rock Tunnel without Flash like what?!

The first Pokemon game I got to own was Pokemon Ruby! I loved that game so much it was great! I remember one of my funny child moments is when I put an Everstone on my Combusken, and I didn’t realize that till level 46… I remember the Elite Four was hard since I was like 8 or 9 I only trained the Pokemon I liked so I had like a level 50 Blaziken and a 55 Groudon. The rest of the Pokemon on my team were ones I caught on Victory Road so a Lairon and Medicham and others. I went through the first 3 members pretty well until Drake took out 3 Pokemon with his unholy Salamence. I got to Steven and I realized that out was out of almost all PP on Groudon. So what did I do? I re-thought his moves with TMs to lead the fight. Did it work? Nope I killed his Cradily with Struggle so epic way to end the game!


Pokemon Emerald


Pokemon Emerald went a lot smoother I became really good at Pokemon, with help from friends in my 5th grade class. I got a Blaziken at level 36 this time. It was a really fun game and by the time for the Elite Four my team was
And last, but certainly not least my Rayquaza which you could catch before the Elite Four. My Emerald Elite Four run was so ridiculously fun. All my Pokemon were strong so it wasn’t crazy hard. If all else failed I would go into Rayquaza and Outrage.

download (1)

For Wallace I thought it Thunderbolt and showed no mercy! His damn gym in Ruby took me like 1 hour with the cracked floors! His Whiscash died to an almighty OUTRAGE

My favorite Pokemon Game
As of right now Pokemon Platinum is my Favorite.


The game was so much fun, and I loved the Sinnoh region. My team was pretty studly with:
an Adamant Staraptor
-Giratina Orgin Forme
-Rampardos and Ambipom

I belive I have over 150 hours in the game I have almost all the Pokemon have all the starters and its great!
Plus it has the trippy Distortion World!

The Elite Four was so epic with Cynthia making probably the most fun I’ve had. Her Garchomp, Spiritomb, and Lucario were so fun to fight.

I am looking forward to making entertaining posts for you guys, and we’re gonna have so much fun!


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