4 things I hope for in Pokemon X and Y


Time to talk to about what I want too see in the upcoming 6th gen games If you want too share your opinion feel free to comment!

1. No more disconnecting out of WiFi battles

As a competitive battler I can’t tell you how many times I see you see that stupid little blue screen on Random Match up! I honest to God quit Random Match up because nobody would ever accept their loss! I would always accept my loses, and I ended up with this shitty rating, because of disconnectors. In X and Y there has to be a penalty if you disconnect no more BS.



My face while playing random match up…

2. Epic clothes and hair styles to improve your character with

Something that I’m happy about is that we will in fact will have customize able characters.  As me being a black guy all my friends have said I can finally be Black in game which I hope happens. I’ve have been a tiny White/Asian character for too long Game Freak … What I do want is really cool clothes too customize characters so far they have only shown us the really mediocre stuff. Imagine if you could dress up like Team Rocket or have like Team Rocket t-shirt.



Or what I really want is to dress up like Wes from Pokemon Colosseum.



Even have some of the clothes from the cool characters  from Diamond and Pearl.


Imagine if you could use the Pokemon you want, and even dress the part! Lets say you like Dragon types! Dress up like Lance the Dragon Master!


It should be really simple, and it shouldn’t be difficult. This could be so great, and damn  money consuming.My Pokemon need Potions? Nope spent it on a fucking cape.

 3. No Downloadable content (DLC) that costs money EVER.

Does this need an explanation?


4. Evolutions to previous Gen Pokemon

Diamond and Pearl did really well with making Evolutions to previous Gen Pokemon that really needed like Gligar got the evolution Gliscor ,and Elctabuzz and Electivire that every one likes! I believe that in Pokemon X and Y, it is time to do that once again. Some that people have been really hoping for certain Pokemon, and have gotten me really hyped too see it happen they are : Dunsparce, Sableye ,and Farfetch’d. There has been lots of good fan art about these Pokemon and their evolutions so I really hope it happens and that it pleases Pokemon fans.

images (5) tumblr_mhamn3WWjJ1qzo7nbo1_500 sabevil_by_deidara_fuuka

People really hate the Sableye Evolution, because Sableye would get eviolite and have no weaknesses, but if the rumors are true it would finally have a weakness to Fairy so and so would Spiritomb.

Credits go their respective authors. Please comment for what you hope for in  X and Y~


10 thoughts on “4 things I hope for in Pokemon X and Y

  1. I agree with your suggestions, especially #’s 3 and 4. Having to pay for DLC destroys games and pushes away real fans. If GameFreak/Nintendo want to add downloadable content (like the current wifi events) for free, then yeah it’s fine because everyone that bought the games will be on a level playing field. And on #4, yes! More evo’s from older Gens! Sableye was featured in the newest movie a lot, thought it would evolve in the movie much like Munchlax into Snorlax in Destiny Deoxys.

    I haven’t been this excited for Pokémon games in a long time!

    • Yeah DLCs that cost money suck plus I feel like people who play Pokemon really enjoy that there’s not more hidden fees or added fees. Evolutions for older gen Pokemon make everyone happy plus they introduced a new Eevee evolution so I feel like more are on the way 😀

  2. I’m just hoping that they bring back the older generation game-play mechanics and perks, like SS/HG’s ability to have your first Pokemon follow you around, the Vs. Seaker, and the pokemon phone with special time-limited events that you can only hear about from the NPCs that call you.

    Pokemon have a very odd game strategy of bringing in cool and interesting mechanics but never supporting it in the future games. My hope is that the final pokemon game will bring back all of these features in one big mega game

    • I really wanted the Pokemon to follow players around again the 3d sprites for the Pokemon could have looked so cool! The VS Seeker would also be really awesome too.

      • I have no idea why Game Freak doesn’t follow through with these game mechanics, they already have the code from other games they could easily copy and paste it into each game.

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