UU thoughts: Honchkrow


A really fun Pokemon to use! A Rapid Spinner is almost a must while using him.


Dark Flying

Focus stats:

Attack: 125

Speed: 71

His speed is mediocre but it does out speed a lot of things in the tier. With Jolly nature its rarely a problem. However his attack is where he gets his reputation from. With a nice 125 attack. Its fucking awesome!


Life Orb- I choose Life Orb because it Honch is Pokemon that needs to switch moves to effectively counter Pokemon. Plus with Moxie you don’t want to lose the attack boost because you have to switch out with Choice items.


MOXIE is all you need use it and love it.  It boosts its attack by 1 stage when it knocks a  Pokemon out.

Moves (bolded moves are boosted)

Sucker Punch- To revenge kill and use to sweep with Moxie. Moxie with this is great because it starts a rolling effect and every Pokemon just faints faster and faster its great!

Superpower- To kill Rock Type Pokemon and normal types.

Pursuit – I use Pursuit because no one ever thinks of it, and if they switch the Pokemon out it’s a good as dead. Great for Physic and Ghost types.

Brave Bird– This is the strong flying type move that really eats away at Honchkrow’s health I only use it when I need something really strong or a guaranteed KO.

Evs and Nature 

252 Attack 4 Special Defense and 252 speed and Jolly Nature to make him nice and fast!


I really like Blastoise because he can rapid spin, and take the Ice attacks and I run dragon tail so I can send the pester some Pokemon out. 

Here is a Pokemon Showdown Video of a Honchkrow sweep It’s really cool! I’m Magickarpdoe.


Comment on if you liked this, and if you want to see more Pokemon in action or talked about!


6 thoughts on “UU thoughts: Honchkrow

  1. Heat Wave is also a good move… if one would not want a move on that list, Heat Wave is good for pesky Steel-types like Ferrothorn or Jirachi

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