X and Y Reveal Thoughts

On July, 30 2013 the Pokemon Company Japan released a Pokemon X and Y reveal.

In the video these things were revealed

  • Special Edition Pokemon X and Y 3DS
  • New Areas
  • Fennekin using a new move called Glow Punch
  • New Pokemon Aurotto
  • Sylveon on Pokemon -Amie
  • Sky Battles

Some things I can take away from the move Glow Punch is Fennekin better not be fire fighting that’s all I’m gonna say…


I really hope that the new Pokemon Aurotto is a Grass Ghost because Grass Dark would be really awful, it would give it a whooping 5 2x weakness, and a 4x weakness to Bug.  Probably being placed with Pokemon like Shiftry and Cacturne. Plus Grass Ghost is a new type combination I believe, and would be pretty interesting to mess around with.

With Pokemon Amie and Sylveon a lot of people are predicting that Amie is going to be the way to evolve Eevee into Sylveon. For me it makes sense; it’s a way to show off their new game feature, and people who want Sylveon will have to go through it. I hope that Pokemon-Amie’s benefits stay within normal game play, and not things like random match up and WiFi battles. The only reason I would use Pokemon-Amie is to evolve Sylveon or if it gave Pokemon like a beefy critical attack boost cause that would be fun!

Sky battles still look sick as hell. I really want to use my Giratina-O or an Arceus with a Flying Plate. Wooo! Can’t freaking wait.


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