Thoughts on Types

I believe that some types in Pokemon need some more variety. So I made a list of the 4 types that need something new to make them really shine.

1.Poison Type

For Posion type there aren’t many very used Poison type Pokemon. However there are Pokemon such as Gengar and Tentacruel and Crobat however they mostly rely on their other typing and versatility, and Tentacruel for the useful rapid spin. Competitively-wise theres about 4 Poision type Pokemon in the Over-used category.The most used posion type move is Toxic, and it’s mostly by none poison types.(Spoiler) There is a rumor that Fairy is weak to Poison so that will definitely give Poison types use if Fairy is very prevalent. What it needs is more Pokemon, and more moves on the both defensive and physical defensive, and new abilities. Such as a Poison/Dragon Pokemon with levitate.

2.Dark Type 

I want to see more Dark types introduced. This is one type that is pretty lacking in Pokemon. Pokemon like Hydreigon and Tyranitar really shine, and adding some more into the mix would be nice. One thing that their lacking in is that most Dark types are very frail, which doesn’t really help, because fighting type moves are everywhere. Plus their other types also give them more weaknesses. What is need here is more moves like a 100 power Dark Type move. (That Tyranitar can’t learn) Also their defenses have to get beefed up their a currently only 6 Dark Types with good defenses. (Spoiler) Also in 6th Gen Maybe an Dark/Fairy Pokemon should be put in because why not! 6th gen has brought in 2 pretty cool dark types

3.Electric types

I want to see more electric type Pokemon. However lately we haven’t gotten very solid Electric types. (Zekrom excluded) I want to see less cutesy like Pokemon like Emolga, but more bad-ass ones like Luxray and Raikou. 5th Gen did well with Thundurus and Zekrom. I really want another Electric/Dragon Pokemon cause why not! I also want to them to stop being so darn frail! It’s like any Pokemon with Earthquake can take one out. Rotom saves itself so well with Leavitate. (Spoiler) 6th gen is starting well with the new Electric type Pokemon Helioptile and the new move Parabolic Charge.  

4.Fire Type

Most of you guys are probably surprised at Fire Type being on here, but let me explain Fire type Pokemon competitively have been screwed over by stealth rocks taking 25% and some unlucky ones taking 50% on a switch in. Most fire types are AMAZING offensively, and then drop like flies because their defenses are bad. The only Fire type with really solid defense is Heatran. Fire type Pokemon need more defense. Also in games I would like to see more Fire types then just the starter and Ponyta it’s getting rather old. One idea I had for a 6th gen Pokemon is a water-vapor Pokemon that was Water/Fire, and it would be weak to Electric type moves and Ground type. (Spoiler) in 6th gen they currently have 2 fire types revealed, and they look pretty solid!

Please comment and talk about what types you would liked to be changed!


14 thoughts on “Thoughts on Types

  1. Poison DEFINITELY needs to be revamped. There are so many cool Poison types, but it just isn’t a solid choice of type. If they made it better as a type and introduced some awesome Pokemon into it that were pure or primary Poison (maybe even a legendary) it would really open it up as a choice for people’s teams.

    • Definitely right now it’s just the type for like the evil teams too use, and yup a poison legendary is very needed. I also thought it would be cool if they had like a like move for 3 turn poison fog

  2. I would have to agree with you on the desire to make poison a more useful type. There are so many bad-ass looking poison types which I would ordinarily use, but the relative lack of tactical versatility puts me off every time.

  3. Ah, I love seeing that big, blue curve for Water take over that chart. I used to love Dragons, then I joined the Navy. That was when it changed. I have never been a fan of Dark types but I would love to see some new ones in the next gen!

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