Top Ten 6th Gen Pokemon as of August 4th

  This is a list of my top 10 favorite 6th Gen Pokemon as of August 4th, 2013. I highly encourage you guys to comment, because I’m very interested in hearing other people’s thoughts and opinions! Also comment if you like Top 10 posts as I will gladly do more!

10.  Sylveon

I put Sylveon at Number 10, because it’s pretty cool Pokemon however it is way too far on the cutesy side for me. Don’t get me wrong cute Pokemon are cool, but I like when they are cute in their first stages, and evolve too be bad ass. As being the fairy mascot Sylveon is doing pretty well!

9. Helioptile(Electric/Normal)


Im a fan of Electric type Pokemon that don’t look like Pikachu. It has a move Parabolic Charge which is very interesting and has a nice animation. Plus I pray that he becomes like an Electric/Dragon Pokemon cause that would be amazing! First Electric type of 6th Gen doing very well Game-Freak!

8.Gogoat (Grass)

Gogoat is a very talked about Pokemon, because of various scenes where it is being rode by the players. Gogoat looks like a Pokemon that probably won’t evolve, and I think it has a solid design. A Pokemon I feel is made too show-off a new feature.

7.Flabébé (Fairy)

With Flower Pokemon I’m really not intrigued or I really like them. Every Flabébé encountered has a different flower which is neat. I hope it turns out too be a cool Pokemon like Roserade.  It is now also the smallest Pokemon ever so move out of the way Joltik and come in Flabébé.

6. Malamar(Dark/Psychic) 

It’s an interesting Pokemon with a new type combination. I really like that it’s not going too be weak too fighting. Also from the designs it’s going too be able to learn water type moves, and is going to have a large move pool. It also reminds me of Ursula from Little Mermaid don’t know why…


5.Honedge (Steel/Ghost)

When I saw this I was like really a sword..? As time went on I realized how cool this is! It’s typing is awesome, and its a sword! It also has No Guard(MOVES NO MISS) which is awesome! Listen too this! What if by intense breeding you could teach it Guillotine yeah just let that sink in!

4.Litleo (Fire/Normal)

I can’t wait too see it’s evolution it’s gonna be great! I’m gonna predict it’s gonna be Dark/Fire which would be cool. I really pray that it’s not frail like other Fire types, but still it’s gonna be great!

3. Pangoro (Fighting/Dark)

A fucking beast.

2.Noivern (Flying/Dragon)

This Pokemon has a really cool design, and its like this generations Dragonite and Salamance. It also has a new move called Boom Burst which has a nice design. Hopefully Exploud can learn that move too.

If you read my preparation for X and Y post number 1 won’t really be a surprise.

-Cue Epic music-

1.Yveltal (Dark/Flying)

This thing is way too awesome. When I saw him from the start I was like I don’t care if they gave out free shinies in Pokemon X I want him! I have Pokemon Y pre-ordered at Gamestop. He’s gonna be great I can tell! Also it’s move Oblivion Wing that sounds awesome!! In Japan that move is translated into Death wing so hell yeah! His designs is also really just cool, and very different.

This is my top 10 Pokemon list, and it’s early I should probably do a top 10 when I have the game too see if it’s the same! Remember to comment, and start a discussion we’re all Pokemon fans!


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