My favorite Pokémon game: Pokémon Platinum

When people ask what my favorite Pokémon is, they are always surprised to hear me say Pokémon Platinum! Comment and vote what your favorite games are!

For most people when they talk to older Pokémon players they usually assume the older Pokémon games such as Red and Blue, and 3rd Gen games are also very popular games. I myself am even a fan of Emerald however,  Pokémon  Platinum took the cake

Reasons why Platinum was my favorite game.

-First it was the very first DS game I bought.

When I was 12 my parents swore on buying me anymore video games, and systems. So I had to save up all my money starting from my 11th Birthday in July through Christmas, and bought a DS in July. By then like literally everyone, and their mothers had a DS, so I was way behind. However since I waited such a long time I bought a cool gray DS lite. Then my church gave me money for helping clean, and perform. Then on my birthday I save up enough money too buy Pokémon Platinum!

So in your face all the people with generic white and Black DS!  I earned mine

– Better than Diamond and Pearl

I know some people may disagree, but for me it was a much better game. The battle speed is Diamond, and Pearl is so agonizingly slow. I also like the Platinum UI better too.

Diamond and Pearl


-Re-done Pokémon gyms.

Platinum re-did some of the boring Pokémon gyms to spice up the game a bit!



It’s a small addition, but it is entertaining, and very visually appealing!

-Distortion World  

I feel like this was Game Freaks way of trying to get people to buy the game, but it was so fun!


The music was really nice in 4th gen, and here are the songs that stuck out to me the most.

-Actual legendary Pokemon

In 4th gen all of big-time legendary Pokémon were named.

Dialga- Pokemon that represents, and controls time.

Palkia- Pokemon that represents, and controls space.

Giratina- Controls Distortion world sort of like the anti-Pokemon


Regigigas- Moved continents


As you can see these are by time legendary , and where very interesting.

All in all Pokémon Platinum was a really fun interesting game. I think why I liked so much is, because truly had responsibility. I got too truly experience something that I did for my self. It was also very musically, visually appealing. Also the 3rd game of a series of Pokémon games is usually better than the first, and second.

Please comment on what you think about this post, and if you agree or disagree 😀


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