Pokemon:Mega evolution!!

(Major Spoiler)

I’m sorry if this post doesn’t make sense, because I’m still picking up pieces of brain of the ground!

Today it was leaked in CoroCoro that mega evolution were being added into the game, and it showed 6 Pokemon that were getting these so far. These Pokemon will have their stats shifted around, and have gained new abilities and some new types.Lord have mercy

Here the current Pokemon revealed

Mewtwo (Pyschic) Ability:Insomnia


Blaziken ( My favorite starter)(Fire/Fighting) Ability: Speed Boost


Lucario (Fighting/Steel) Ability: Adaptabilty


Mawile (Steel/Fairy) Ability: Huge Power



 Absol (Dark) Abilty: Magic Bounce


Ampharos (Electric/DRAGON) Ability: Mold Breaker


This game just got so much more interesting, and Game-Freak until now was taking it easy, and their really starting to show what the game is about. No one predicted this! I am way to excited for this game now this isn’t just an ordinary Pokemon game.

Comment on what you would like too see no, because now nothing seems to out of the box.

Also for more info on this CoroCoro leak, and source of the pictures go to http://www.serebii.net/index2.shtml for more info!



2 thoughts on “Pokemon:Mega evolution!!

  1. I’m usually on the fence about adding more evolutions to previous generation’s pokemon. I could see Mawile and Maga being justified because she only had one form and was kind of boring to use, but why, oh why did they have to add another evolution form to Ampharos and Blaziken? Three evolutionary forms was good enough, the norm, we didn’t need a fourth form from them.

    …..And it looks like they just added a wig to Ampharos’s head and tail

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