X and Y Hopes (Part 2)



Time for Part 2 of X an Y hopes! Comment on what you hope too see in Pokemon X and Y! I believe that is gonna be a pretty great game what stuff we would never expect.


1. More Mega-Evolutions


If you heard 6 Pokemon are getting evolutions known as Mega-Evolution. They all look so good so I really hope so more Pokemon get some! Imagine if like Dragonite got one. Oh the fun! They can do some much with this it’s ridiculous! However for some Pokemon I still want too see a normal evolution (Looks at Dunsparce)


2. More than one region, or longer game

In Gold and Silver two regions made the game a really good buy, and it would take lots of hours to beat it. In my opinion this is one of the most requested things by Pokemon players. So if Game Freak did this sales would go through the roof.



3. Lots of Legendary Pokemon (In-game)

I really liked 4th Gen games, because they had lots of Legendary Pokemon in game. With about 14 Legendary Pokemon in game. It’s fun too catch them, and I always had Dusk Balls on me, just for them!


4. Challenge Mode (From the Start)

I really liked that they added challenge mode in Black and White 2, but they made it so you had to have Black 2, and you could only get it from a friend. Also if you you unlocked it in your own game, you couldn’t restart it or you would loss the challenge mode. I want a mode that makes the game harder from the start, maybe include in the Professor’s beginning speech.



5. Interesting Story

Black and White 2 did a good job with having an interesting story. Also Hugh’s back story trying to get his sister’s Pokemon back was really touching. It also had cool cut-scenes such as when Opelucid City got frozen. You’re character in this game almost gets killed too like that’s intense, and I had my eyes glued to the DS screen! Less cutesy lets be friends stuff like in Black and White. The rivals better not be annoying!


6. Bad-Ass evil team 

In Black and White 2 Team Plasma went from PETA like people to real bad asses. I hope that they keep that theme going. The Shadow Triad in those games where very interesting and they were ninjas wow!


So cool…..



Thanks for reading, and comment on what you else you want too see in the games, from what we have seen so far it’s not going to be a regular clear and cut Pokemon game.


If you want too see the first X and Y hopes go here: https://tallboy291.wordpress.com/2013/08/01/4-things-i-hope-for-in-pokemon-x-and-y/








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