Fairy Type

The Fairy type! To be introduced in Pokemon X and Y is going to be a very interesting and also really powerful!

When they first introduced the Fairy type I was like aww cute, and thought they were going to be super weak however as time went on, I realized how strong they were actually gonna be. Starting from their type advantages.

Type Advantage 

First of the fairy type is strong against Fighting, Dark, and most importantly Dragon. Fighting and Dragon being very used types in the OU meta game this is huge for them. Their weaknesses are poison and steel. Two types that are pretty limited in numbers. With this fairy at this current moment doesn’t have much to worry about, unless game freak decides to add a lot of new Poison and Steel types.

Lack of super effective moves

I’ve notice that many Pokemon lack the ability  to learn Steel, and Poison type moves so they wont have many unexpected counters. Like how every Pokemon can learn earthquake, too keep Pokemon such as Steel types at bay. Or how many Pokemon can learn Ice moves for Dragons. Currently Fairy lacks this. Only Poison move that a lot of Pokemon can learn is Toxic

They beat the Kings!

Dragon by far is the best offensive type, and fairy isn’t resistant to it that’s too easy they are flat out immune to dragon. People like compare this to electric, and ground however when have you seen an electric type Pokemon (excluding legendaries)  take out a team like a dragon can. I can’t count how many times a Garchomp has almost swept my team! With this immunity they are going to in the spotlight as: Dragon Slayers! Also most current Dragons lack poison, and steel type moves. Dragon Pokemon can’t just spam outrage anymore.

New Game

What fairy can do is change the way teams are structured. People will hopefully look at Poison as more of an option, than it is currently. This all depends on how big Game Freak goes with this Fairy type. Maybe more Pokemon will get re-typed, and older Pokemon re classed as Fairy will also have nice mega evolutions. (Mega Mawhile)


Thanks for reading leave a comment, on what you think about the fairy type!


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