What I want in Pokemon Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire

I was sitting in class, and I went to Reddit, just because I was bored, and I saw this on my front page holy crap Gen 3 remakes (Insert trumpet joke) !  So I asked myself what do I want to see in this game?

Pokemon Contests

I would love to see the return of Pokemon Contests they were really fun to play in Gen 3 games. I remember I almost got all the contests ribbons on my Rayquaza, because they were so darn fun. With the 3DS, and all its cool functions it would be really cool if you could challenge friends or strangers over wireless or WiFi. If contests do return they better be close to the same, because I never became a fan of the Pokemon musicals, and other contest spin offs.


Secret Bases

I loved making secret bases in my Pokemon Emerald it was a fun pass time. It would be awesome if they brought this back, and added more features to them. Such as more decorations, and more base locations.


The Game at Night

I would love the see places like Mauville City, and Fortree City at night. Now that games run on the 3DS clock it would make the games have more depth. I know when I play Emerald on my DS now, it looks weird because it is always sunny outside even though I am playing at 2 am.

The Acro Bike

No explanation needed coolest bike ever.



Dive is probably hands down the coolest HM, and has been barely been used since Gen 3. The only time Dive was used after 3rd gen was in Black 2, and White 2 where you could dive in Undella Bay to get to the Abyssal ruins. I want to see this HM make a big comeback with even more dive spots then Emerald. Also with the updated graphics it would look spectacular.


More Mega Evolutions

In X and Y I wish there was more Mega Evolutions, and hopefully these new games will bring that. Sceptile, and Swampert should really get Mega forms. It also seems that Groudon, and Kyorge may have get them from the box art. I also bet these games are where mega stones for Latios, and Latias are located . Also I think these Pokemon below should get them.

-Metagross, Salamence, Flygon, Crawduant, Swellow, Ludicolo, Claydol, Ninjask


Please comment on what you would like too see 🙂




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